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The Devil is real. And he’s not a little red man with horns and a tail. He can be beautiful. Because he’s a fallen angel, and he used to be God’s favorite.

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Alex Turner’s love letter to Alexa Chung: "My mouth hasn’t shut up about you since you kissed it. The idea that you may kiss it again is stuck in my brain, which hasn’t stopped thinking about you since well before any kiss."

Alex Turner’s love letter to Alexa Chung: "My mouth hasn’t shut up about you since you kissed it. The idea that you may kiss it again is stuck in my brain, which hasn’t stopped thinking about you since well before any kiss."

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Serial Killers - Younger and Older. 


From Top: 

1: Henry Lee Lucas:

Henry Lee Lucas was known to be America’s most prolific serial killer. He killed at least 350 people in a span of twenty years, although his confessions reveal that he actually murdered more than 600 victims. He spent ten years in jail after he murdered his own mother. Due to overcrowding in jail, he was eventually released and when he got out, he became a drifter and made friends with Ottis Toole. Toole later on became his accomplice in more than 108 murders. He died in prison due to natural causes in the year 2001.

2: Ted Bundy:

Ted Bundy was described to be a very charismatic and friendly guy. Behind this personality is the twisted mind of a serial killer. In just four years, he was able to kidnap and kill 30 young women in the United States. To entice his victims, he would pretend to be an authority figure or a disabled person. There are also times that he would just break into the homes of his victims and stab them to death while they were sleeping. He would then rape and dismember his victims after killing them, keeping their heads as souvenirs. He was finally arrested in the year 1979 and was sentenced to death penalty by electric chair in 1989.

3: Edmund Kemper:

Edmund was to eventually tower over people at the height of 6’9”. Even so, he was a sullen boy who never got over his parents’ divorce, and was afraid of being bullied by other boys. He exhibited strange behaviour at an early age, torturing animals and having violent sexual fantasies. Being hard to handle, he was sent to live with his paternal grandparents on their farm. He fantasized about killing his grandmother, and eventually shot her to death. He then shot his grandfather in what he deemed an act of mercy to spare him finding his wife murdered. For this he was sent to Atascadero mental facility at age 15. He was released several years later and moved back in with his mother although the doctors did not approve of this. Not long after, he began picking up hitch-hikers and concocting his methods of what he would do to the ones he would eventually kill. On May 7, 1972, he picked up two hitch-hikers and murdered, beheaded and dismembered them. This is a pattern he would use for the rest of his crimes, often keeping the heads in the trunk of his car so he could gaze upon them. His spree ended with the murder of his mother (who he thought was a terrible nag) and her friend. Beginning with his grandparents, he would eventually kill a total of ten people, including six hitch-hikers. He was sent to Folsom prison with a life sentence.

4: Jeffrey Dahmer:

According to history, Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the scariest serial killers in the United States. In thirteen years, Dahmer killed 17 boys and men. However he didn’t just kill them; these murders included rape, necrophilia, dismemberment and cannibalism. The police discovered something very disturbing in his apartment. Apparently, he was doing a horrific sexual act by drilling into the heads and skulls of his victims who are still alive. When they were already dead, he either had sex with the corpses or ate pieces of them. He was arrested in the year 1994 and was beaten to death by an inmate inside jail.

5: Richard Ramirez:

Ramirez was convicted of 13 killings. He received the death penalty and was sent to San Quentin Prison in California. He died on June 7, 2013, at age 53

6: Richard Trenton Chase:

Richard Trenton Chase was known as “The Vampire of Sacramento”. He was nicknamed as such because of the fact that he eats the body parts of his victims and drinks their blood.  Chase started with killing animals and eating them raw. He was then confined in a mental asylum and was given anti-psychotic drugs. He was later on released, which eventually led to his unmerciful killings. He killed six people in just one month. After murdering them, Chase would engage in sex with his victims’ bodies. It was even discovered that he would blend the corpses with soft drinks in order to make a “milkshake”. He was finally caught in the year 1979 after he murdered an entire household. Chase was sentenced to death by gas chamber but he killed himself before the date of execution.

7: Aileen Wuornos: 

Only a few females have found comfort in being serial killers and one of them is Aileen Wuornos. Her life was actually full of neglect and abuse. She got pregnant at the age of 15 and she had an incestuous relationship with her own brother. Wuornos fell in love with a woman and she supported her by becoming a prostitute. During her years in this business, she killed seven men, claiming that they were trying to hurt and harm her during their sexual encounters. She was arrested and sentenced with death penalty through lethal injection.

8: John Wayne Gacy:

Known as “The Killer Clown”, John Wayne Gacy was one of the most notorious serial killers in history. He was caught assaulting two teenage boys sexually and was then sentenced with 10 years in jail. Due to his excellent behaviour as an inmate, he was released on parole. As the years went by, he enjoyed dressing up as “Pogo the Clown” and started volunteering at parades and parties. Behind the costume was the person who killed 33 young men, burying their bodies in his yard, house, and the river near his house. After he was arrested, the authorities found bones in his house, forcing him to confess to the murders.

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